Military Background

Military Background

Originally formed as a facility for Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) service personnel and their dependants; the RAC Saddle Club – a major feature within the Bovington Garrison – provides livery, training and equitation experience to all of the Armed Forces and their families whether for work or pleasure.

Bovington Garrison now comprises the Armour Centre (ARMCEN), providing mounted training on the British Army’s armoured fighting vehicles to some 2500 soldiers every year. The RAC is still the main focus for training, and the RAC Training Regiment provides all specialist mounted training for RAC recruits before they join the Field Army.

The Club maintains close links with the Cavalry Regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps, and its primary objective is to promote the efficiency of the Armed Forces, by proving an equestrian sporting facility. Equitation is recognised by the Army. The RAC Saddle Club is an Army Centre of Equitation and along with other military saddle clubs, we are the home base support centres affiliated to known garrison areas. We are associated with the Army Equitation Association in order to enable and facilitate wider participation in equitation activities for military personnel and provide a gateway to sporting activity for the wider military community and in particular to promote efficiency by encouraging and developing:

  • Good health, personal fitness and physical development
  • Self discipline and high morale
  • Coordination, competitiveness, determination, confidence and motivation
  • Courage and character building
  • Recruitment and retention in the Services
  • In addition, equestrian sports provide a welfare and recreational facility for Service families. This is particularly important when the military guardians are deployed away from barracks.

In our efforts to support equestrianism within the military and their families, we are always looking for new ways in which we can extend our services — please visit our page on Military Courses and Services for more details.

RAC Saddle Club Military Background
RAC Saddle Club Military
Military Trustees and Committee

The RAC Saddle Club is managed by a committee comprising of the Club’s military Trustees, other military members and the civilian management team of the Club. The Trustees ensure the club operates in accordance with is objects, the first always being to promote the efficiency of the Armed Forces through equestrian sport. The committee also seeks to build upon the proud history of the Royal Armoured Corps’ Cavalry Regiments and their close relationship with equestrianism.

If you wish to contact the military committee your initial point of contact is the RAC Saddle Club Office by email

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