The Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) Saddle Club is an outstanding British Horse Society approved centre, British Eventing competition venue, livery and pony club yard based in Bovington, Dorset. 

More than that, we are a registered charity supporting the armed forces and veterans, as well the wider community by providing equitation facilities for all, and by supporting programmes such as Riding for the Disabled and Changing Lives through Horses. 

Our 2024 highlights include: 

  • British Eventing events from 80cm to novice in April and September 
  • Unaffiliated one day events, Hunter Trials and eventer challenges. 
  • A full year of arena competitions in show jumping and arena cross country 
  • Pony Club camps as well as our own camps 
  • Clinics and training days by high profile professional riders 
  • BHS Training and Assessments and Changing Lives Through Horses Programme 
  • Riding for the Disabled mornings 
  • Connemara Association qualifier venue 
  • A full livery yard of 85 horses and daily riding lessons 

A well organised and friendly community, we welcome everyone who attends from the elite competitors to young riders starting out. 

In a typical year over 5000 people attend our events and we have over 5000 followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

We are asking you to become a part of this. The support we receive from our sponsors helps us build and maintain first class facilities and provide first class services to all. 

We offer a range of packages to suit your needs, and to promote your name and brand to the many thousands of people in Dorset and beyond for whom the RAC Saddle Club at Bovington is a landmark in the equestrian world.

  1. Arena Sponsorship (Large Arena) 1 year £1,000 
  2. Event sponsorship - each eventing competition £2,500 
  3. Section/class sponsorship- each eventing competition £1,000 
  4. Branded XC Fence – 12 months £750 
  5. XC Fence sponsorship – 12 months £500 
  6. Club sponsorship – 12 months £250 
  7. Sponsored Show Jumps - more details below

Sponsorship Examples

Sponsored Show Jumps

Another option is to sponsor a show jump.  To do this you would purchase a show jump and poles from JP Equestrian Pro Limited, the markets leading provider of the highest quality Aluminium show jumps and show jump accessories.

Their team, headed by Jamie Perryman, a BS approved course designer, holds leading expertise in the show jumping field. He will work with you and your business to design and build you a jump.

The show jump would be part of show jump at all of our show jumping competitions and will be in use for many years.

As you can see from the photos below your jump will also appear in social media posts shared by us and our competitors.

The cost for a full jump with wings and poles etc can start at £1000 approx. - depending on what design you choose.

For more information on this please email kristal@racsaddleclub.co.uk


RAC Saddle Club Winners’ Photos on Social Media

We produce winners’ photos and post them to our social media, Instagram and Facebook.   For event sponsorship your logo and company name will be added to all the winners’ photos and for the section/class sponsorship we would include your logo on the section/class winners’ photo.  Your company will also be tagged on the post. These posts are very successful and get a big reach up to 5,600 people.

For the British Eventing events we tag them in the post too.

The winners’ photos get shared and shared again so they get a number of reaches.  If you share the post as well then there is double the reach with your followers.

3,625Followers (January 2024)

1,700 Followers (January 2024)

Our followers are growing daily and have grown by 50% in last 24 months.

Dates for your Diary

About RAC Saddle Club

RAC Saddle Club (RACSC) is a registered charity providing physical fitness through equitation for armed forces and the community and improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. RACSC is a British Horse Society (BHS) approved training, riding, assessment centre, livery yard & British Eventing venue, based in Bovington, Dorset.

The club was originally formed as a facility for Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) service personnel and their dependants and has now widened to provide livery, tuition & riding to the local community. The club is managed by Stephanie Buchanan, a well-known British Event organiser, pony club examiner & coach.

The Saddle Club is proud to work with other charities including Riding for the Disabled, #Willdoes, Forces Children’s Trust, Help for Heroes and Warrior Equine. We support local military units, military families, veterans, key workers, and civilians providing them with equine therapy for mental and physical rehabilitation. We have increasingly found demand exists for equivalent provision in a civilian context, this has been accelerated by the COVID -19 pandemic, particularly for young people and key workers and the NHS. We provide “alternative provision” services for our local primary, middle and senior school community and work with referrals from Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) for equine assisted therapy, alongside the Changing Lives Through Horses the British Horse Society.

We have a full year of competitions and clinics with several camps run by us or by local pony clubs. During the winter months we have arena show jumping and arena xc competitions and from April to October our cross-country course is open, and we have two British Eventing weekends in April and September with our own one-day event in May and hunter trial in September. From April to October the cross-country course is open on several dates for cross-country schooling where we can have up to 70 riders going through in one day.

Why Sponsor the RAC Saddle Club?

The support of our sponsors enables us to provide the outstanding facilities which make our other success possible. To maintain the standard of our competitions we regularly upgrade our course (our course designer, Mr Adrian Ditcham, built the 2012 Olympic Cross-Country Course). This year we are re-developing the track and building more challenging fences to attract the top riders and spectators.

If you have sponsored us before, thank you.  Your support has been vital to our success. Please do again.  If you have not, then please do get in touch to discuss the ways we can work together.  Just call Steph or Kristal on 01929 403580 or email office@racsaddleclub.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

To sponsor us please complete the form below.

Thank you.